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OVERWRIST is the distributor of watches straps and accessories, we import the world class products around the world. We provide the full range of straps such as nato straps, curved end rubber straps for rolex, seiko, tudor, handmade leather straps, stainless steel straps, perlon straps, parachute straps, vintage rubber straps. We sell only the high quality products from Europe, USA, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, Spain and Thailand

Strapcode Curved End Bracelet for Seiko and Tudor From Hong Kong

Crafter Blue Curved End Rubber Strap from Hong Kong

EVEREST Curved End Rubber Strap for Rolex Sports from Switzerland

MN STRAPS Parachute straps from Spain

Seiko Rubber Straps from Japan

Uncle Seiko Vintage Rubber Strap from U.S.

DLW Modify Parts from Singpare and L.C.B.I lumed ceramic insert from U.S.

We provide straps many styles for diver watches, vintage watches, pilot watches, dress watches and etc. Our products can be matched with high-ends watches untill low-end watches such as Patek Phillippe, Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Seiko, Panerai, IWC, Timex and etc.

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